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You are excited to find your dream home in St. John’s Florida. Wouldn’t you love to work with a real estate agent who has experienced first-hand the relocation process and can anticipate the nuances of your cross-country move?

Working together, we will find your next home and I will help you navigate the home buying process. As your trusted advisor, I will be your guide to your next neighborhood, update you with available homes, schedule showings (in-person or virtually), negotiate offers, handle paperwork, and stay the course by your side through the entire process.

Buying a home is a landmark event in one’s life and a commitment, I understand that and I am here to make sure you feel supported and confident throughout the process.

I cannot wait to help you to discover your next home in St. John’s Florida! 

Services I Provide Buyers


Buying a home is not an everyday occurrence, and there are a lot of details involved. From market conditions, the buying process, and anything else that comes up; you will have me by your side. I am here to help provide you an empowering buying process.


Open lines of communication, consistency, and the ability to follow through are the backbone of a successful and professional home purchase. I am available by phone, text, email and video conferencing. 


In this unprecedented market, a clean, well devised offer supported and presented by a professional can secure the purchase of your dream home. Using tact and integrity, I will negotiate the best deal for you.


I use the latest technologies to find properties, tour houses, book appointments, process digital documents, and efficiently guide you through a streamlined purchase process.

Local Knowledge.

I will share my understanding of the local market, neighborhood characteristics, builders, and local regulations to help you make an informed and confident purchase.


I have been on both the buyer’s and seller’s side of the real estate negotiations. I can help you understand the process without pressure or attitude so that you can feel confident in your home buying journey.

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You deserve a personalized experience for this exciting home buying experience — and BIG life change!

I specialize in helping buyers find homes in the areas of Saint John’s and Saint Augustine.

I understand the nuances of the home buying process! Let’s get started by learning a little more about you and what you’re looking for.

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Check out these FAQs

While you may be hearing that interest rates are rising, the good news for you is that this is causing the market to loosen up (less buyers = less competition) and more inventory is becoming accessible. Furthermore, you’re likely to see home prices gradually lowering. To get a batter understanding of what you can afford right now I can help put you in touch with a qualified lender for a pre-approval. He or she can assess your financial situation and give you a spending range that you qualify for. Armed with this information, you can then confidently pursue your home buying search.

There are pro’s and con’s to buying a new home, just as there are with buying a resale (older home). Also, the purchase process for a new construction home has nuances that a typical resale home does not.

A question I think you should start with is what type of neighborhood you envision yourself living in. Many people like the lifestyle that a new construction home in a HOA (home owner association) which often comes with amenities and an overall cohesiveness. On the other hand, some people prefer the charm and eclectic nature of an older neighborhood.

Your realtor can help you decipher and advise you on some of these important choices. 

Follow this link for a FREE New Construction Buyer’s Guide.

Working with an agent costs nothing up front for the buyer. 

An agent gets paid when the sale of the home closes. Typically, the buyer’s agent is paid by the proceeds from the seller. The commission amount the agent receives is set by the seller when they decide to list their home for sale.

It’s important to note that for new construction, the buyer’s agent gets paid by the builder (the seller in this case). Forgoing the use of your own buyer’s agent will not cause the builder to subtract the commission amount from your purchase price, rather the builder just keeps that amount. Therefore, it is in your best interest and at no cost to you to use a qualified REALTOR® when shopping for a new construction home.

There are a couple of key factors that contribute to the timeline of a home buying process: 

  1. Home Search & Getting An Offer Accepted. Some buyers are very decisive and others are not. In my experience, your wants versus needs will likely change once you truly start to shop the inventory in your neighborhood of choice and price range. Then, once you’ve nailed those aspects down, you are likely to make an offer or two (or more). Don’t get discouraged as this is part of the process and takes some time. Having your offer accepted and “getting into contract” can take one weekend of home hunting, or a few months.
  2. Funding. If you are paying cash, I have seen a successful purchase close within 72 hours. If you’re more traditional and getting a loan to finance your purchase, it can take 20-45 days for approval and funding of the loan.
  3. Buying Resale or New Construction? For new construction, it’s fairly fast and easy to get into contract however you may be waiting 3, 6 or maybe a year for your home to be built.     With a resale (older home) you get the keys at the close of escrow, or when you agreed upon with the seller in the purchase agreement. A typical resale contracts take 30 days to close. This video answers many of the questions surrounding the purchase of a new construction home.

Simply said, Florida offers affordability, freedom, culture, natural beauty and optimal weather. 

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